Monday, May 18, 2009

Atlantic City, Here I Come!

The past few weeks were filled with traveling trips and tours. The Washington Center sponsored an End of the Semester Getaway to Atlantic City, New Jersey. For a mere $10, over 50 TWC students, including myself, had a chance to enjoy a day trip to Atlantic City for fun in sun, the beach, casinos and outlet shopping. Unfortunately, on the day of our trip, the weather was a bit nippy and cloudy, so we didn’t get a chance to enjoy the beach, but the day was still full of fun.

After we arrived in Atlantic City, we started our fun with the casinos. Each student received a casino card worth $30. My friends and I headed straight for the penny machines. We also played on the nickel and quarter machines. It must have been my lucky day! I won over $60 all together, over $40 on a penny machine and over $20 on a nickel machine. That was good because I doubled the money that was given by TWC. What works for me is to hit MAX BET on the machines… It’s really risky because you can lose all your money really fast, but if you win…. You win big!

After the casinos, we went out on the Boardwalk...

Our first stop was at the Steel Pier amusement park, where I won a stuffed animal.

Along the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Next, we went to the Rainforest Cafe. It felt like being in an actual rainforest. The scenery of the trees and sounds of animals and thunderstorms that happen every thirty minutes was pretty cool. It was great and the food was delicious.

After lunch, we continued on to the shopping outlets. I bought plenty of Atlantic City souvenirs; I used the money I won from the casino. :) We had so much fun that the day went by reallyfast. By that evening, it was time to head back on the bus to DC. It was my first time in Atlantic City, and I’ll be looking forward to visit again in the future.

The following Monday, the Media and Communication Program was able to visit and tour XM Radio. XM is America’s #1 Satellite Radio Service with over 170 different music, news, talk, entertainment, traffic, weather and play-by-play sports channels. Our tour guide, Ross Herosian, is the College Programs & Outreach Specialist at SIRIUS XM Radio was very helpful in explaining the opportunities that XM Radio has to offer. XM Radio seems like a cool place to intern; I recommend any student interested in radio to give it a try.

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