Friday, March 6, 2009


Pardon me; allow me to re-introduce myself… My name is Erica Taylor. I’m from Houston, Texas, another great big city. :) I’m a senior student at Rogers State University, in Claremore, Oklahoma (near Tulsa). I love sports (my favorite being basketball), traveling to new places and meeting new people.

I applied for The Washington Center because I figured it would be the best way to discover what area I wanted to continue studying in. At a crossroads between Biology and Communications, I felt TWC would be the best way to go. Currently, my major is Communications: Radio & Television. I knew I qualified for the program requirements, so I gave it a shot, thinking “hey, it won't hurt to try”.... and I was accepted! Thanks, to our campus liaison, Dr. Carolyn Taylor, for making this opportunity available to students at RSU.

Adapting to DC life has been a gradual process. The biggest thing I've had to get used to in DC is the weather. It gets really cold here compared to Houston. But that doesn’t slow me down a bit. I enjoy sightseeing, touring and capturing every moment with my camera any chance I get.

Now back to our regular scheduled program :)

Wow, a whole month has gone by since I first arrived in DC. Time flies when you’re having fun. A day at the National Geographic Society museum was great. The afternoon was spent looking at the prehistoric artifacts, scientific findings and different cultures. There was so much to see, but didn’t have enough time to view it all.

The mouth of a giant Great White Shark

Huge crystal

Every other weekend, the communication interns have what I call "Sunday dinners." We meet up with our advisor at a good but cheap restaurant, eat and discuss how things are going. Our last dinner meeting was at a restaurant called BD’s Mongolian BBQ. It’s an Asian stir fry restaurant. It’s like a 3 step process: you pick out your food, pile it in a bowl and watch it cook on a huge grill. My first time in a place like that and it was pretty cool too!

Interns at BD's Mongolian BBQ restaurant

The Media & Communications interns had the chance to tour Capitol Hill as well. The architecture inside the Capitol is amazing. We also visited the Library of Congress. It was a good day!

Communications interns

Inside the "Whisper Room" in the Capitol Building

Inside the Library of Congress

I love DC!

Quote of the week: Work hard and have fun!

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